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Hi, Hallo, Salut, Hola!


I’m a Human Potential Pioneer, Creative Vision Strategist, Entrepreneur and Non-Conformist dedicated to helping you break free from the conventional ways of living and working, so that you can find your place in the world.





I work with bright, brilliant and driven professionals & entrepreneurs who truly desire to find their place in the world so that they can be free, be themselves and make an impact.  Because there is another way. I believe that in order to change anything we have to BECOME the change that we want to see and be (in the world).

“Incongruent living is not sustainable” – Brené Brown


We live in a world where it is becoming more possible than ever before to drop the old, break free and create a life AND world that actually serves the greater good of humanity. Where we get to be humans again. Where we get to realise our potential.



After just one mindset session with Mounia I noticed changes in how I think and even in the opportunities I attract. I don't think this is a coincidence! I have loved working with Mounia. She's absolutely the person to help you explore what's going on underneath so that you can create firm foundations that will really help you thrive, push forward, and make your dreams a reality. She's given me tools to help me tap into beliefs and assumptions that are holding me back, and provided me with belief and encouragement that I can create the life I want. Her empathy, intuition, and insight helped create a space where I now feel more hopeful, inspired, and supported.
 - Vaska, UK
I had the pleasure to meet Mounia during a conference in Berlin and in minutes I realised I had met someone I would LOVE to work with. Mounia supported me throughout a project I was working on in 2014. What I benefited most from was how Mounia would be asking me the hard questions and consistently prodding away at it – never letting me get away with a vague or unclear answer. With Mounia’s help I was able to drill deeper on what I really wanted to create and for whom. Now, add a splash of loving support, a sprinkle of being there whenever I needed to talk and a huge dose of willingness to help me try out new ideas. 

-Lina, Sweden

It's really amazing what how intuitive you are in understanding what is going on inside of me. I almost feel like you know me better than I know myself. I feel so much gratitude because what you give is just incredible. Thank You Mounia. You are worth more than gold!

- Alex, Germany

Passionate about what she does and with a great desire in helping others accomplish their dreams, Mounia brings calm, inspiration, motivation and energy in anyone. She quickly understands the situation and guides the discussion in a very delicate, constructive manner to find the steps that need to be taken in order to succeed.  Highly recommended to have her boost your confidence in how you can follow your dreams.

-Dana, Austria

Mounia is an inspirational and passionate person with strong values based around social and emotional intelligence. Using powerful life changing techniques, Mounia has the personality, mindset and strategies to guide you through the life change process. I would thoroughly recommend working with Mounia if you are looking for inspiration, support and guidance to find the real passionate YOU. 

- Simon, Singapore

Mounia is above all someone who can inspire other people to get the best out of themselves. One of her best qualities is her ability to quickly get to the bottom of the problems and provide the right recipe on how to tackle them.

- Azim, Netherlands

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If you don’t fit into a conventional box and deeply desire to create something different, then you and I should talk!


“Conversations create the context of life” – Lynne Twist 

If you are serious about wanting to find your place in the world, schedule a complimentary conversation with me. Please fill in the form below. All of your answers are confidential.


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